Bouloux and Fakeeh listed conditions which may have clinical findings which need to be distinguished from those of pheochromocytoma. Some are associated with increased serum epinephrine (see previous section).



(1) pseudopheochromocytoma (hyperadrenergic hypertension)

(2) thyrotoxicosis

(3) flushing and other menopausal symptoms

(4) carcinoid tumor

(5) autoantibodies to the beta adrenergic receptor



(1) anxiety or hyperventilation

(2) subarachnoid hemorrhage

(3) Guillain-Barre syndrome

(4) autonomic attacks (crisis) in tabes dorsalis



(1) acute intermittent porphyria

(2) hypoglycemia



(1) alcohol withdrawal

(2) tyramine administration to a patient taking an MAO inhibitor

(3) excessive caffeine

(4) mercury or lead poisoning

(5) abrupt discontinuation of clonidine

(6) stimulant (cocaine, amphetamine) intoxication


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