The Pemphigus Disease Activity Index (PDAI) has several subscores describing disease activity and damage. The final scores are summations of the different subscores. The PDAI was developed by the International Pemphigus Definitions Committee.


Patient selection: pemphigus


Subscores for disease activity:

(1) subscore for skin activity

(2) subscore for scalp activity

(3) subscore for mucous membrane activity


Subscores for damage:

(1) subscore for skin damage

(2) subscore for scalp damage


score for disease activity =

= SUM(3 subscores)


score for disease damage =

= SUM(2 subscores)



• minimum activity score: 0

• maximum activity score: 250

• minumum damage score: 0

• maximum damage score: 13

• The higher the activity score the greater the pemphigus activity.

• The higher the damage score the greater the pemphigus damage.


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