Hervas and Vazquez developed the Pemberton Happiness Index (PHI). The authors are from Complutense University in Madrid,

The official website is www, which includes versions in multiple languages.


Items scored on a Likert scale from 0 (totally disagree) to 10 (totally agree):

(1) very satisfied with life

(2) have the energy to accomplish daily tasks

(3) my life is useful and worthwhile

(4) satisfied with myself

(5) my life is full of learning experiences and challenges that make me grow

(6) feel very connected to the people around me

(7) able to solve the majority of my daily problems

(8) I can be myself on the important things

(9) enjoy a lot of little things every day

(11) society lets me fully realize my potential


Item scored on a Likert scale from 0 (totally agree) to 10 (totally disagree):

(10) lot of bad moments in daily life


Positive statements (scored 1 if Yes else 0):

(12) Something I did made me proud.

(14) I did something fun with someone.

(16) I did something I really enjoy doing.

(18) I learned something interesting.

(20) I gave myself a treat.


Negative statements (scored 1 if No else 0)

(13) At times, I felt overwhelmed.

(15) I was bored for a lot of the time.

(17) I was worried about personal matters.

(19) Things happened that made me really angry.

(21) I felt disrespected by someone.


score for items =

= SUM(points for all 11 items) / 11


score for statements =

= SUM(points for all 10 statements)



• minimum score for items: 0

• maximum score for items: 10

• minimum score for statements: 0

• maximum score for statements: 10

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