The PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database) scale can be used to evaluate the methodological quality of a clinical trial. It is based on a Delphi study performed by Verhagen et al.


(1) eligibility criteria specified

(2) subjects randomly allocated to groups

(3) allocation is concealed

(4) study groups are similar for the most important prognostic indicator at baseline

(5) blinding of all subjects being treated

(6) blinding of all therapists administering therapy

(7) blinding of all assessor who measured at least one key outcome

(8) measures of at least one key outcome were obtained from > 85% of the subjects who were initially allocated

(9) (all subjects for whom outcome measures were available received the treatment or control condition as allocated for) OR (data for at least one key outcome was analyzed by "intention to treat")

(10) the results of between group statistical comparisons are reported for at least one key outcome

(11) the study provides both point measures and measures of variability for at least one key outcome


Responses were Yes or No.



• "No" responses indicate problem in the clinical trial.

• The scale is not a measure of the validity of a study's conclusions.

• The presence of a high score does not mean that the treatment is clinically useful.

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