Ong et al listed the criteria used in Florida for calling a pediatric trauma alert at a trauma center. The authors are from the University of Miami.


Patient selection: <= 15 years of age


Criteria for calling a trauma alert - 1 or more of the following:

(1) >= 1 category 1 criteria

(2) >= 2 category 2 criteria

(3) ejection from a motor vehicle

(4) judgment of the EMT or paramedic personnel


Category 1 criteria:

(1) airway either assisted, intubated or manually maintained

(2) altered mental status

(3) paralysis

(4) coma

(5) suspected spinal cord injury

(6) loss of sensation

(7) faint or nonpalpable carotid or femoral pulse

(8) systolic blood pressure < 50 mm Hg

(9) any open long bone fracture

(10) multiple fracture sites

(11) pelvic fracture

(12) major tissue disruption or amputation

(13) second or third degree burn to >= 10% of body surface area

(14) penetrating injury to head, face, neck or torso



• For item 7 the table has radial listed instead of the carotid artery, However, the radial artery does not seem to make sense in light of the category 2 criteria.


Category 2 criteria:

(1) one of the following

(1a) body weight <= 11 kilograms, or

(1b) red or purple on the Breslow tape

(2) one of the following:

(2a) amnesia or

(2b) any reliable history of loss of consciousness

(3) one of the following:

(3a) carotid or femoral pulse palpable but radial or pedal pulses not

(3b) systolic blood pressure 50 - 90 mm Hg

(3c) capillary refill > 3 seconds

(4) single closed long bone fracture anywhere


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