A physician who is discontinuing to practice must notify affected patients in advance. This allows the patient sufficient time to find a new provider and to have medical records transferred.


Changes affected:

(1) leaving a practice

(2) selling a practice

(3) retiring from practice


Criteria for retirement from practice:

(1) relinquishment of all clinical privileges

(2) change in medical liability insurance from that required for active practice


Requriments for notification:

(1) Notification >= 30 days before the date when the physician will discontinue services.

(2) Method for notification:

(2a) letter by regular mail to all patients seen within the past 3 years

(2b) notice in the newspaper with the greatest circulation in the county where the physician practices

(2c) notice in a newspaper that serves the locality where the physician practices

(2d) notice in a conspicuous location in or on the fascade of the physician's office


Elements of notification:

(1) The final date of practice.

(2) How to get or transfer medical records now.

(3) How to get medical records in the future.


The process is usually straightforward if the physician has sold the practice to another physician who will be taking it over or if the physician belongs to a group practice.


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