Advanced maternal age (AMA) may be associated with a number of pathologic changes in the placenta.

"Regular: advanced maternal age: 35 to 40 years of age

"Very" advanced maternal age: > 40 years of age


Pathologic changes may include:

(1) meconium deposition

(2) chorangiosis (> 10 capillaries per terminal villus)

(3) acute chorioamnionitis

(4) fetal vascular malperfusion (with occlusive or nonocclusive thrombi and/or avascular villi)

(5) delayed villous maturation

(6) chronic deciduitis


Problems that may be more common in older women and which may have an adverse effect on the pregnancy:

(1) obesity

(2) diabetes

(3) hypertension

(4) other comorbid conditions

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