A partial splenectomy may be adequate management for several conditions affecting the spleen. Many cases performed using laparoscopy.

Indications for partial splenectomy:

(1) technically feasible

(2) effective in controlling the underlying splenic pathology

(3) surgeon expertise


Conditions that may be treated with partial splenectomy:

(1) focal mass (hemangioma, lymphoma, cyst, hydatid cyst)

(2) focal traumatic rupture

(3) selected cases of congenital hemolytic anemia

(4) selected cases of autoimmune hemolytic anemia or thrombocytopenia

(5) selected cases of hypersplenism


Advantages of partial splenectomy:

(1) avoid infectious complications associated with acquired asplenia



(1) uncontrolled bleeding

(2) thrombosis


Alternative management:

(1) arterial embolization

(2) total splenectomy


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