The Parent's Perceptions of Primary Care (P3C) is a measure of a parent's perception of a child's primary health care quality. The authors are from the Children's Hospital and University of California in San Diego.


NOTE: The copyright for the instrument is held by the Center for Child Health Outcomes.


Subscales (23 items):

(1) longitudinal continuity (2)

(2) access (4)

(3) contextual knowledge (4)

(4) communication (4)

(5) comprehensiveness (5)

(6) coordination (4)



(1) longitudinal items (first group): 6 point Likert scale scored from 0 to 5

(2) other items: 5 point Likert scale scored from 0 to 4 (never, sometimes, often, almost always, always).


subscale score =

= SUM(points for subscale items answered)


total answered items =

= (number of items answered)


total score =

= SUM(points for all answered items) / ((4 * (number of nonlongitudinal

items answered)) + 10) * 100%



• minimum points: 0

• maximum points: 94

• maximum total score: 100%



• The P3C score was found to be reliable and valid measure of a parent's perception of primary health care quality.

• It correlates with the parent's report of the child's health-related quality of life.

• It is easy to administer.


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