A motor neuron disease (MND) can rarely occur as a paraneoplastic disorder.


Motor neuron disease encompasses:

(1) amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

(2) primary lateral sclerosis

(3) progressive muscular atrophy

(4) progressive bulbar palsy


When to suspect the possibility of a paraneoplastic MND:

(1) clinical improvement after a tumor is treated

(2) elevated protein in the CSF

(3) monoclonal protein in the serum

(4) anti-Hu or other neurologic autoantibody in the peripheral blood

(5) diagnosis of small cell lung cancer, breast cancer or malignant lymphoma preceding or following onset (onset of a paraneoplastic disorder may be 1-2 years before the tumor is diagnosed)

(6) atypical features for the motor neuron disease


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