Ichthyosis refers to skin that is dry, rough, and scaly, being compared to the surface of a fish. It can be genetic or acquired. One cause of acquired ichthyosis is as a paraneoplastic disorder.

Malignancies that may be associated with acquired ichthyosis:

(1) breast adenocarcinoma

(2) cervical carcinoma

(3) colon adenocarcinoma

(4) gastric adenocarcinoma

(5) Hodgkin's disease

(6) lung carcinoma

(7) other malignancies


Clinical features of paraneoplastic ichthyosis:

(1) The onset of ichthyosis as an adolescent or adult.

(1) Other causes of ichthyosis are excluded.

(2) The appearance of the ichthysosis is just before or after the tumor is diagnosed.

(3) The ichthyosis improves with tumor regression and worsens with tumor progression.

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