Intentional or accidental subcutaneous injection of paraffin or oily substances can result in subcutaneous fibroinflammatory deposits.


Injected material:

(1) vitamin E injection

(2) paraffin

(3) camphor or mineral oil

(4) petroleum lubricant (grease gun granuloma)


Reason for injection:

(1) therapeutic drug delivery

(2) cosmetic

(3) accident

(4) self-injected


Clinical features:

(1) indurated plaques and nodules

(2) The lesions may be tender.

(3) The lesions tend to be longstanding


Histologic features:

(1) Panniculitis with a "Swiss-cheese" appearance (round or oval spaces of varying diameter surrounded by fibrous tissue).

(2) Foamy macrophages and foreign body-type giant cells may be present.

(3) A frozen section of the lesion will stain positive with oil-red-O or other lipid stains.


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