Palatal myoclonus (palatal tremor) is uncommon and may be related to a number of conditions.

Clinical features:

(1) The soft palate shows unilateral or bilateral  rhythmic, involuntary contractions.

(2) The condition persists during phonation and sleep and if the patient is comatose.

(3) The patient may notice a "clicking" sound.

(4) It may be accompanied by nystagmus.

(5) It may be accompanied by synchronous contractions of the oropharynx, larynx, esophagus and diaphragm.


Palatal myoclonus may be associated with:

(1) stroke (involving the Guillain-Mollaret triangle)

(2) multiple sclerosis

(3) metastatic cancer

(4) astrocytic tumors in the medulla

(5) syringobulbia

(6) trauma

(7) idiopathic (essential)

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