The oxygen uptake during exercise on an arm ergometer can be calculated based on the kind of arm ergometer used and the cranking rate.



(1) The equation is valid for power outputs of 150-750 kg•m/min.

(2) The arm cranking rate must be known.


oxygen uptake in mL per minute =

= (resting oxygen uptake) + (vertical oxygen uptake)


resting oxygen uptake in mL/min =

= 3.5 * (body weight in kilograms)


vertical oxygen uptake =

= 3.0 * (power output in kg•m/min) =

= 3.0 * (kg resistance) * (meters per crank revolution) * (cranking rate in revolutions per minute)



• 3.0 is the regression constant for converting kg•m/min to mL/min.

• There is no horizontal component to activity.

• kilograms resistance indicates the resistance setting for the ergometer.

• The meters per crank revolution varies with the ergometer used (2.4 m/rev for Monark arm ergometers).

• The cranking rate typically ranges from 50-60 rpm.


resting oxygen uptake in L/min =

= (resting oxygen uptake in mL/min) / 1000


resting oxygen uptake in mL per kg per min =

= (resting oxygen uptake in mL/min) / (body weight in kilograms)


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