The duration of oxygen supply from a liquid oxygen system depends on the amount of liquid oxygen and the flow rate of gaseous oxygen.


(1) amount of liquid oxygen in liters or pounds

(2) conversion factor to oxygen gas

(3) oxygen gas flow rate in liters per second


Known Quantity

Conversion Factor

volume of liquid to volume gaseous oxygen

860.6 liters gas per liter liquid

weight of liquid to volume gaseous oxygen

344.24 liters gas per pound liquid



• 1 liter of gas weighs 2.5 pounds

• If the percent of an oxygen system is known, then weight of gas present = (percent present) * (limit of system in pounds)


amount of oxygen gas in liters =

= (conversion factor) * (known quantity of liquid oxygen)


duration of oxygen flow in minutes =

= (amount of oxygen gas in liters) / (oxygen flow in liters per minute)

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