The volume of the ovary can be estimated based on ultrasonographic measurements


ovarian volume in cubic centimeters =

= 0.5 * ((longitudinal diameter in cm) * (anteroposterior diameter in cm) * (transverse diameter in cm))


This formula is a simplification of the equation for volume of an ellipsoid:


volume of an ellipsoid in cubic centimeters =

= 4 / 3 * π * ((longitudinal diameter in cm) / 2) * ((anteroposterior diameter in cm) / 2) * ((transverse diameter in cm) / 2)


Factors affecting the estimate:

(1) number and volume of cortical cysts

(2) corpora lutea

(3) extensive adhesions

(4) irregularities in shape or surface


The volume reported includes the follicular cysts, but the presence of large or increased numbers should be duly noted.


Reference Volumes (Fried)

< 5 years

< 1 mL

5 – 9 years (premenarche)

3.0 mL (average)


4.0 mL (average) but may reach 6.5 mL

teenagers and young adults

may reach 14 mL

childbearing years

9.8 mL


5.8 mL, but small or undetectable ovaries are not unusual


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