The Organic Manic Syndrome refers to mania associated with some organic cause.


Key features:

(1) mania (prominent and persistent elevated or expansive mood)

(2) evidence of one or more conditions that have been associated with mania (see below)

(3) onset of manic symptoms during or after onset of implicated condition

(4) not occurring exclusively during delirium

(5) not explained by another manic state

(6) possible resolution of manic symptoms if the underlying cause can be stopped (like discontinuation of medication)


A person with organic mania may be irritable, delusional or have cognitive dysfunction.


Causes of organic manic state:

(1) drugs (chloroquine, isoniazid, cannabis)

(2) uremia

(3) hyperthyroidism

(4) meningoencephalitis (Japanese B, Herpes zoster, polio, enteric fever, bacterial meningitis, etc)

(5) intracranial space occupying lesion (SOL)

(6) seizures (complex partial, generalized clonic)

(7) head injury

(8) stroke

(9) birth hypoxia

(10) other metabolic disorders


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