Trichomonads can be present in the oral cavity as a commensal organism.


Usual species: Trichomonas tenax (previously T. buccalis)


Modes of spread:

(1) saliva and droplet spray

(2) kissing

(3) contaminated water

(4) use of contaminated dishes and glasses


Entamoeba gingivalis is often found in patients with Trichomonas tenax.


Conditions associated with proliferation:

(1) poor dentition

(2) poor oral hygiene

(3) periodontitis


Concurrent findings may include:

(1) chronic tonsillitis

(2) involvement of a salivary gland duct or gland

(3) presence of Candida species or other fungi (trichomonosomycosis)


Complications may include pulmonary trichomoniasis following aspiration.


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