A patient with sickle cell disease may have a number of oral and dental problems.

Factors contributing to problems:

(1) ischemic events

(2) iron overload

(3) poor oral hygiene and care


Dental complications of sickle cell disease:

(1) dental caries

(2) infractions (microcracks in the enamel)

(3) hypodontia

(4) malocclusion

(5) pulp necrosis

(6) abnormal trabecular spacing

(7) infection (gingivitis, periodontitis, dental abscess)

(8) dentin hypomineralization

(9) pulp calcification

(10) delayed eruption


Oral manifestations:

(1) glossitis

(2) gingival enlargement

(3) pallor

(4) temporomandibular joint disorder

(5) spontaneous hematoma in oral mucosa

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