A person with reduced bone density due to osteoporosis or osteomalacia may have a number of oral and dental complications.


Complications that may be found in a patient with reduced bone density:

(1) periodontitis (The risk may be secondary to the disorder causing the reduced bone density.)

(2) dental abscesses (in autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets)

(3) loss of teeth

(4) masticatory dysfunction (may predispose to malnutrition with poor bone mineralization)

(5) pathologic fracture

(6) dental erosions (in bulimia or persistent vomiting)


If any of these problems are present then the patient should be screened for reduced bone density. If the patient has reduced bone density then the patient should be examined for these findings.


Dental treatments that may be adversely affected by reduced bone density:

(1) dental implants (poor anchoring of posts)

(2) orthognathic surgery


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