A patient with cavernous sinus thrombosis may present in several ways, one of which involves the eyes. Early recognition with intervention is essential to minimize complications.

Ocular findings that may be present in a patient with cavernous sinus thrombosis:

(1) ptosis

(2) chemosis

(3) proptosis

(4) peri-orbital sensory loss

(5) decrease in the corneal reflex

(6) corneal ulcer

(7) abnormal pupillary response (absent, decreased, mydriasis. miosis)

(8) lateral rectus palsy or complete ophthalmoplegia

(9) decreased visual acuity or blindness

(10) photophobia

(11) papilledema

(12) variable orbital cellulitis

(13) variable emboli in retinal vessels

(14) variable choroidal or retinal detachment

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