Jorgensen et al used the 1 hour protocol of the International Continence Society to evaluate women with urinary incontinence. This can be used to monitor the effect of different interventions and to monitor the condition over time. The authors are from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.


One Hour Protocol:

(1) Weigh a urine pad in grams.

(2) Place the pad.

(3) Have the patient drink 500 mL of liquid and start the 1 hour period.

(4) For minutes 0 to 15 the patient sits or rests.

(5) For minutes 16 to 45 the patient walks and climbs stairs.

(6) For the final 15 minutes the patient

(6a) Sits and stands 10 times.

(6b) Coughs 10 times.

(6c) Runs on the same spot for 1 minute.

(6d) Picks up an object from the floor 5 times.

(6e) Wash hands for 1 minute.

(7) Retrieve and weigh the pad.


urine leakage in grams =

= (weight of the pad after 1 hour) - (initial weight of the pad)


Change in Pad Weight

Degree of Incontinence

< 2 grams


2 - 10 grams

slight to moderate

11 - 50 grams


> 50 grams

very severe


If the specific gravity of the urine is known then the actual volume can be estimated as:


volume in mL =

= (change in weight) / (urine specific gravity)


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