A person who bungee jumps may develop a spectrum of ocular problems.



(1) penetrating trauma

(2) blunt trauma

(3) elevated intravascular pressures

(4) rapid deceleration (“G forces”)


The patient may complain of:

(1) blurred vision

(2) reduced visual acuity


Clinical findings may include:

(1) orbital emphysema (secondary to blunt trauma)

(2) penetrating injury with open globe injury

(3) subconjunctival hemorrhage

(4) eyelid edema or ecchymosis

(5) hyphema

(6) vitreous hemorrhages

(7) posterior vitreous detachment

(8) commotio retina

(9) retinal hemorrhage

(10) retinal tears and/or detachment, foveal detachment

(11) posterior macular hole

(12) traction injury to the optic nerve


Each eye may be affected differently.


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