Bisphosphonate therapy for osteoporosis or other diseases with bone resorption may be associated with ocular inflammation.


Ocular inflammation has occurred with:

(1) alendronate sodium (Fosamax)

(2) etidronate disodium

(3) ibandronate (Boniva)

(4) pamidronate disodium

(5) risedronate (Actonel)

(6) sodium clodronate


Clinical signs and symptoms:

(1) abnormal or blurred vision

(2) vision loss

(3) ocular pain

(4) photophobia


Possible sites of inflammation - may be isolated or mixed:

(1) conjunctivitis

(2) scleritis

(3) episcleritis (inflammation of tissues overlying the sclera)

(4) uveitis


Recommendation of Fraunfelder and Fraunfelder

vision loss

refer to ophthalmologist

ocular pain

refer to ophthalmologist

isolated conjunctivitis

may decrease with continued therapy

scleritis or mixed inflammation

discontinue bisphosphonate until inflammation resolves


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