Modern surgical techniques such as pars plana vitrectomy can successfully treat many penetrating ocular injuries. Preoperative echography can aid in patient evaluation and can be performed when there is media opacification precluding adequate ophthalmoscopic evaluation.


Preoperative echography is sensitive and specific in the preoperative evaluation of eyes after penetrating trauma for detection of:

(1) retinal detachment

(2) intraocular foreign bodies

(3) posterior scleral wounds

(4) hemorrhagic choroidal detachments


The overall anatomic success rate was 87% with 48% of eyes obtaining visual acuity of 20/200 or better after surgery.


Visual outcome was worse if preoperative echography detected:

(1) retinal detachment

(2) subretinal hemorrhage

(3) massive choroidal hemorrhage

(4) posterior exit wounds


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