Leprosy may be associated with a wide range of ocular complications. A delay in diagnosis can have serious consequences on the patient's vision.


Ocular complications tend to be seen in patients with lepromatous leprosy and/or long-standing disease.


Ocular complications associated with leprosy:

(1) ectropion

(2) entropion

(3) trichiasis (misdirected eyelashes)

(4) lagophthalmos

(5) impaired or absent lid closure

(6) reduced or absent corneal sensation

(7) corneal opacity (may range from mild to severe)

(8) pannus

(9) ptergium

(10) abnormal papillary shape (irregular, eccentric, following iridectomy)

(11) synechiae involving the pupil

(12) sluggish or absent papillary reaction

(13) iris atrophy

(14) iritis (may range from mild to severe)

(15) episcleritis

(16) scleritis

(17) cataract

(18) aphakia

(19) pseudophakia


Conditions associated with a high risk of blindness:

(1) impaired lid closure

(2) absent corneal sensation

(3) severe corneal opacity

(4) severe atrophy of the iris

(5) cataract


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