In 1996 a conference was held in Berlin (Conference on Sleep in Primary Care) that outlined screening criteria for the diagnosis of the Sleep Apnea Syndrome (SAS). A person considered to be at high risk should undergo a sleep study.


Categories of findings:

(1) snoring behavior

(1a) snoring more than 3 days per week

(2) waketime fatigue and/or sleepiness - at least one of the following:

(2a) waketime sleepiness more than 3 days per week

(2b) waketime tiredness more than 3 days per week

(2c) falling asleep while driving (without an alternative explanation)

(3) obesity (BMI > 30 kg per square meter) and/or hypertension

Number of Categories with Positive Findings

Risk of SAS

0 or 1

low risk

2 or 3

high risk



• On page 486 snoring behavior is defined as having 2 or more positive responses about snoring, while in Table 2 page 488 only 1 suitable snoring question is listed.


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