Friedmann et al listed a number of findings that can help to identify an older adult who is at risk for malnutrition. The authors are from Pennsylvania Statre University, Geisinger Medical Center, Abbott Laboratories, and the Ohio State University.


Patient selection: adult > 65 years old


Criteria – one or more of the following:

(1) body weight is <= 85% of the ideal body weight

(2) serum albumin concentration is <= 3.5 g/dL

(3) 2 or more of the following

(3a) weight loss >= 10% in past 6 months

(3b) absolute lymphocyte count <= 1,200 per µL

(3c) 3 or more of the signs and symptoms listed below


Signs and symptoms:

(1) weight gain due to fluid retention

(2) nausea

(3) vomiting

(4) diarrhea

(5) poor appetite

(6) altered taste

(7) difficulty chewing and/or swallowing

(8) recent unintended weight gain


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