A nurse navigator (NN) helps a patient to navigate the healthcare system and to obtain appropriate care. This is most often used in oncology but can be used for patients with any complex medical problem.


Problems that need to be addressed:

(1) breakdown in communication

(2) fragmented care

(3) barriers to care

(4) distrust

(5) nonadherence

(6) ignorance, confusion and misunderstanding

(7) emotional response to a life-threatening diagnosis



(1) to improve quality of care with better outcomes

(2) to improve patient satisfaction

(3) to achieve greater efficiencies (fewer missed appointments, etc)



(1) to provide emotional support

(2) to detect distress and depression

(3) to educate and instruct

(4) to schedule and coordinate care

(5) to ensure completeness and adequacy of diagnostic testing

(6) to ensure compliance with care plan

(7) to detect and remove barriers to care

(8) to maintain communication

(9) to answer questions


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