The Nottingham Health Profile is intended for primary health care, to provide a brief indication of a patient's perceived emotional, social and physical health problems.

Breakdown of questionnaire:

(1) Part I: 38 questions in 6 subareas, with each question assigned a weighted value; the sum of all weighted values in a given subarea adds up to 100

(1a) energy level (EL): 3

(1b) pain (P): 8

(1c) emotional reaction (ER): 9

(1d) sleep (S): 5

(1e) social isolation (SI): 5

(1f) physical abilities (PA): 8

(2) Part II: 7 life areas affected


Completing questionnaire:

(1) each question answered "Yes" or "No"

(2) It is important that all questions are answered.

(3) if the patient is not sure whether to say "yes" or "no" to a problem, s/he are instructed to answer the one more true at that time.



• number of questions in each section affected

• relative level affected, in which the sum of the relative weights are subtracted from 100%, giving values between 0 and 1, with 0 indicating poor and 1 good health

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