The NIH Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) Network developed a ventilator strategy using a lower tidal volume.


ventilator mode: volume assist/control


target tidal volume: 6 mL/kg

minimum tidal volume: 4 mL/kg

maximum tidal volume: 8 mL/kg


The ideal body weight based on height and gender (see Chapter 2) and not the actual body weight is used to calculate the tidal volume.


target inspiratory plateau pressure: 25 to 30 cm H2O

Inspiratory Plateau Pressure

Adjustment to Tidal Volume

< 25 cm H2O

increase tidal volume by 1 mL per kg

25 to 30 cm H2O

maintain current tidal volume

> 30 cm H2)

reduce tidal volume by 1 mL per kg


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