Some patients with Wilson's disease will present with neuropsychiatric symptoms, or these symptoms may develop in a patient with the hepatic syndrome.


Neurologic manifestations:

(1) spastic dystonia with Parkinsonian features (rigidity, mask-like facies)

(2) tremors

(3) dystonia with choreoathetosis and hypertonicity

(4) dysarthria and drooling

(5) difficulty swallowing

(6) ataxic gait

(7) asthenia (loss of energy and strength, generalized weakness)

(8) loss of fine motor control (deterioration in handwriting, etc)

(9) seizures

(10) dizziness

(11) loss of coordination


Psychiatric manifestations:

(1) anxiety and/or phobias

(2) depression

(3) personality change

(4) anti-social behaviors

(5) labile mood

(6) intellectual deterioration or poor performance at school or work

(7) poor impulse control or disinhibition


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