An abscess of the nasal septum can progress rapidly to become a potenitally life-threatening condition.

Location: within the nasal septum


Risk factors:

(1) nasal septal hematoma

(2) ulceration or penetrating trauma of the nasal mucosa

(3) immunodeficiency


The nasal septum will be swollen and show signs of inflammation including pain and erythema. A Gram stain of drainage or of an aspirate will show neutrophils and bacteria.



(1) meningitis

(2) intracranial abscess

(3) orbital cellulitis

(4) cavernous sinus thrombosis

(5) sepsis


Differential diagnosis:

(1) Wegener’s granulomatosis

(2) mucormycosis/zygmycosis

(3) tuberculosis

(4) deep fungal infection

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