Some people believe that certain myths or folk remedies can prevent pregnancy. These usually arise out of misunderstandings or wishful thinking.


I cannot become pregnant if:

(1) it is the first time I have sex.

(2) I do not have an orgasm.

(3) I lie still during sex (i.e., not sexually "active")

(4) I douche right afterwards

(5) I have sex during my "safe period" of the month

(7) I have never menstruated.

(8) I have sex underwater

(9) I have sex standing up

(10) I have any disorder of the uterus or ovary

(11) I use natural planning methods

(12) my partner withdraws his penis before he ejaculates.

(13) my partner has had mumps


Beliefs about using birth control:

(1) I don't have to use birth control every time I have sex.

(2) I can miss a few birth control pills every now and then.


All of these beliefs can be wrong (some more often than others). In general these are not effective methods of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Proper contraceptive measures, abstinence or hysterectomy are the only ways to reliably reduce the chances of unwanted pregnancy.


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