Blauwet et al proposed criteria for diagnosing myocarditis on an MRI exam. The authors are from the Mayo Clinic.


MRI findings associated with myocarditis:

(1) an increase in the regional or global myocardial signal intensity in T2-weighted images

(2) an increase in the global myocardial early enhancement ratio (between myocardium and skeletal muscle) in a gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted image

(3) one or more focal lesions showing delayed enhancement with a nonischemic regional distribution in a gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted image

Criteria Present

Clinical Situation


2 or 3 of the criteria

clinical suspicion of myocarditis

myocarditis (myocardial inflammation)

criterion 3 only


consistent with myocyte injury and/or scar secondary to myocardial inflammation

1 criterion present


repeat cardiac MRI in 1-2 weeks

0 criteria present

clinical suspicion of myocarditis AND recent onset of symptoms

repeat cardiac MRI in 1-2 weeks


Additional MRI findings that support the diagnosis of myocarditis:

(1) left ventricular dysfunction

(2) pericardial effusion


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