The presence of multiple vesicocutaneous or urethrocutaneous fistulas can result in the watering-can abdomen or perineum, depending on where the cutaneous openings are found.



(1) The presence of multiple fistulae between the urinary tract and the skin surface.

(2) A strong bladder contraction results in multiple urine streams, resembling water emerging from a watering can.

(3) The fistulae can be visualized on imaging studies if contrast material is instilled into the bladder prior to emptying.


Risk factors:

(1) urethral stricture, often from untreated gonorrhea or other venereal disease

(2) suprapubic cystostomy

(3) pelvic trauma or surgery

(4) bladder diverticulum

(5) large bladder calculi

(6) neoplasms


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