Pressure injury and ulceration can affect a mucous membrane.

Features of a mucosal pressure ulcer:

(1) ulceration on a mucous membrane

(2) presence of a medical device, foreign body or other mass causing pressure

(3) exclusion of other causes for mucosal ulceration


Medical device capable of causing pressure ulceration:

(1) oxygen tubing

(2) endotracheal tube

(3) bite block

(4) orogastric tube

(5) nasogastric tube

(6) urinary catheter

(7) fecal containment device


Sites where mucosal ulcers can occur:

(1) tongue

(2) oral mucosa

(3) gastrointestinal tract

(4) nasal passages

(5) urinary tract

(6) vaginal mucosa


Mucosal ulcers are not staged.


Mucosal ulcers may be:

(1) superficial or deep

(2) complicated

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