A mouthguard is a common piece of personal protective equipment in sports and exercise.

A mouthguard may avoid injury associated with:

(1) intended blows to the face (boxing, etc)

(2) accidental blows to the face

(3) accidental blows to the face from equipment (hockey sticks, etc)

(4) facial contact with surfaces


A mouthguard may protect against:

(1) tooth fracture, displacement or loss

(2) tooth damage to lips or tongue

(3) jaw fracture

(4) biting accidents


The wearing of a mouthguard is required in certain sports and may be beneficial in others.


A better fitting mouthguard is better than an ill-fitting one but may be more expensive.


Compliance in use is essential for protection. Younger males may be reluctant to wear protective equipment, and it is important that coaches educate players about the needs and benefits.


Microelectronics can be embedded within the mouthguard that can assess various forces (smart mouthguard).

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