Morbihan Syndrome is a form of rosacea.

Clinical features of Morbihan Syndrome:

(1) primarily affects Caucasian middle-aged adults

(2) slow appearance of erythema of the upper face with accentuation in the periorbital region, forehead, glabella, nose and cheeks

(4) development of edema in the affected areas which may get worse with sun exposure and which may become indurated

(5) chronic course and often refractory to therapy

(6) variable telangiectasias


Skin biopsy may show:

(1) perivascular dermal edema

(2) dermal lymphohistiocytic preiadnexal infiltrate with mast cells and occasional granulomas

(3) dilation of small vessels


Differential diagnosis:

(1) adverse drug reaction

(2) scleroderma

(3) orofacial granulomatosis

(4) leprosy

(5) sarcoidosis

(6) SLE

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