The DIC Score can be used to objectively monitor response to therapy for Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. This can be valuable when the patient is being treated with antiprocoagulant therapy such as heparin or antithrombin.



(1) The patient is clinically assessed at least every 8 hours.

(2) Laboratory testing is performed at least every 8 hours.

(3) The DIC scores are calculated and the interval change recorded.

(4) Clinical and laboratory assessments are performed until either (a) response to therapy is demonstrated; (b) failure to therapy is demonstrated; (c) 72 hours has passed.


change in DIC score =

= (new DIC score) - (previous DIC score)



• A positive score is considered an improved score.

• A negative score is considered a worsened score.

Change in DIC Score

Time Period


>= + 10 points

48 hours

response to therapy

change < +10 and > - 10

48 hours

stable DIC

<= - 10 points

72 hours

therapeutic failure; patient at risk for death


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