The Myelofibrosis Symptom Assessment Form (MFSAF) can be used to monitor a patient with myelofibrosis.


Patient selection: myelofibrosis


Patient-reported findings:

(1) fatigue

(2) night sweats

(3) pruritis (itching)

(4) bone and/or muscle pain

(5) fever

(6) cough

(7) difficulty with mobility (ability to move, walk about or exercise)

(8) limb swelling

(9) ability to bend over or down

(10) abdominal discomfort

(11) problems with bowel movement or urination

(12) change in appetite (and change in weight, either loss or gain)

(13) difficulty sleeping

(14) difficulty in performing daily activities

(15) perceived overall quality of life


Responses were recorded on Visual Analogue Scale from 0 (normal or no problem) to 10 (extreme problem).



• The numbers can be tallied into an overall score or the number of items at each level can be recorded.

• More marked findings are associated with a worse quality of life.


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