Ballard and Margallo-Lana reported a scale for the well-being of a patient with dementia based on the Dementia Care Mapping (DCM) Scale of Kitwood and Bredin. This can be used to monitor the patient over time.


Patient selection: dementia


The scale goes from +5 (maximum well-being) to -5 (maximum ill-being)


Measures of positive well-being:

(1) engagement

(2) self-expression

(3) interaction

(4) initiation of social contact

(5) coping


Measures of negative well-being (ill-being):

(1) bored and/or restless

(2) frustration and/or anger

(3) apathy and/or withdrawal

(4) despair or depression

(5) sadness or grief


The goal of any intervention is to maximize the patient's well-being.


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