Misophonia is a rare but distressing reaction to certain sounds.

Features of misophonia:

(1) The person feels a strong aversion (irritability, anger, disgust, distress) to certain, specific "trigger" sounds.

(2) Attempting to avoid situations where the sounds can be heard or to control the emotional response can result in significant disability.

(3) The person may keep the reaction secret due concern about stigma or being thought crazy.

(4) The response may be heightened by caffeine and reduced by alcohol.

(5) Exclusion of other conditions such as hyperacusis.


The trigger sounds may be common, everyday sounds.


Possible explanations:

(1) psychiatric disorder (obsessive compulsive disorder, impulsivity disorder, anxiety disorder, schizotypical personality)

(2) exaggerated response in the anterior insular cortex (AIC) which triggers the autonomic nervous system

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