Kelati et al listed a number of conditions that may mimic early mycosis fungoides (MF). Failure to recognize mycosis fungoides can result in a delay in therapy. The authors are from Hospital Hassan II in Fez, Morocco.

Early mycosis fungoides may be misdiagnosed as:

(1) eczema

(2) psoriasis

(3) nonspecific dermatitis

(4) lichenoid skin reactions

(5) systemic lupus erythematosus

(6) pseudolymphoma

(7) parapsoriasis

(8) toxidermia


Patterns of mycosis fungoides more likely to be misdiagnosed:

(1) psoriasiform

(2) eczematoid

(3) palmoplantar


Additional factors that may contribute to misdiagnosis:

(1) topical steroids

(2) immunosuppression

(3) patient self-therapy

(4) slow and indolent course

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