Some patients with migraine headaches have cardiac arrhythmias and/or cardiac malformations.

Cardiac arrhythmias associated with migraine include:

(1) ventricular tachycardia

(2) sinus bradycardia

(3) atrial fibrillation

(4) atrial premature contractions

(5) ventricular premature contractions


ECG changes may include:

(1) nonspecific ST and T wave changes

(2) atrioventricular and right bundle branch block

(3) prolonged PR intervals

(4) increased QTc interval


The cardiac arrhythmias are associated with:

(1) autonomic nervous system dysfunction

(2) abnormal atrial and ventricular repolarization.


Cardiac arrhythmias may be a particular problem for patients with basilar-type migraine.


The cardiac arrhythmias and ECG changes tend to occur or be more pronounced during a migraine attack.


Cardiac malformations may include:

(1) mitral valve prolapse

(2) atrial septal aneurysm

(3) patent foramen ovale

(4) atrial septal defect

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