Wound debridement consists of removing infected or devitalized tissue from the wound. This aids wound healing, especially of a chronic wound.


Methods of debridement:

(1) with surgical instruments (scalpel, curette, scissors, etc)

(2) enzymatic (collagenase, proteases)

(3) mechanical (irrigation, whirlpool, ultrasound, vacuum-assisted, wet-to-dry dressing)

(4) biological (maggots)

(5) autolytic (hydrocolloid dressing, hydrogel preparation)


Issues to consider:

(1) speed

(2) complexity (vs simplicity)

(3) cost

(4) preservation of viable tissue

(5) complications (pain, bleeding)

(6) aesthetic appearance

(7) frequency of dressing changes

(8) underlying cause of the wound

(9) contraindications

(10) ultimate goal


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