Devereux and Reicher used measurements from two-dimensional echocardiography of the left ventricular to estimate left ventricular mass. This can be used to monitor patients with left ventricular hypertrophy. The authors are from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.


Measurement was done at the peak of the R wave on a simultaneously recorded ECG.


Parameters (from Figure 1, page 614):

(1) LVIDp = left ventricular internal dimension in cm using the Penn convention

(2) PWTp = posterior wall thickness in cm using the Penn convention

(3) IVSTp = interventricular septal thickness in cm using the Penn convention


The Penn convention differs from the standard echocardiographic measurement by:

(1) excluding the right and left septal endocardial echo thicknesses from IVST

(2) excluding the posterior wall endocardial echo thickness from the PWT

(3) including the left septal and posterior wall endocardial echo thicknesses in the LVID


left ventricular mass in grams =

= (1.04 * ((((LVIDp) + (PWTp) + (IVSTp))^3) - ((LVIDp)^3))) - 13.6


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