Meglitinides are oral agents that can be used by patients with noninsulin dependent diabetes mellitus. It should be used appropriately if an optimum benefit is to be achieved.


Meglitinides include:

(1) repaglinide

(2) nateglinide


Mechanism of action: stimulation of insulin secretion from a functioning pancreas


Absolute contraindications:

(1) hypersensitivity to a meglitinide

(2) diabetic ketoacidosis

(3) no cellular sources of insulin:

(3a) Type 1 diabetes mellitus

(3b) absence of a functioning pancreas


Relative contraindications:

(1) pregnancy (safety not established)

(2) breastfeeding (safety not established)

(3) failure to respond to sulfonylureas



(1) The dose must be taken immediately before the meal. If the patient does not eat then the dose should not be taken. A dose should not be taken after a meal if not taken before.

(2) A meglitinide should not be used in combination with a sulfonylurea.


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