A number of factors may contribute to drug-induced orthostatic hypotension. A person who is taking a drug that can cause orthostatic hypotension should try to avoid or adjust to these conditions when possible.


Factors that may contribute to drug-induced hypotension include:

(1) older age

(2) eating a large meal

(3) prolonged sitting or lying down

(4) standing motionless (without leg muscle contractions)

(5) isometric exercise (Valsalva)

(6) straining while urinating or defecating (Valsalva)

(7) drinking a large amount of alcohol

(8) high effective environmental temperature (with or without high humidity)

(9) rapid ascent to a high altitude

(10) hot shower or bath (with rapid vasodilatation)

(11) fever

(12) hyperventilation

(13) cardiovascular disease

(14) volume depletion (dehydration, overdiuresis, etc)

(15) hyponatremia

(16) hypokalemia

(17) impaired hepatic drug metabolism of drug causing hypotension


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