Beasley and Patatanian reported the Medication Fall Risk Score for determining if a patient is at risk for falls because of current medications. The authors are from Mercy Health Center and Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Patient selection: hospital inpatient


High risk drug classes (scored 3 points):

(1) analgesics

(2) antipsychotics

(3) anticonvulsants

(4) benzodiazepines


Medium risk drug classes (scored 2 points):

(1) antihypertensive medications

(2) cardiac drugs

(3) antiarrhythmic drugs

(4) antidepressant


Low risk drug classes (scored 1 point):

(1) diuretics


risk score =

= SUM(points for all medications being received)



minimum score: 0

A score >= 6 is associated with risk for medication-related fall.

Yazdani and Hall used a score >= 12 as high risk.

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